Radiant Heaters

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Frico radiant heaters imitate the sun, the most comfortable and efficient heat source available. The heat is emitted only when the rays hit a surface and the room temperature can thus be lowered while occupants experience a comfortable environment. This makes radiant heaters well suited not only for total heating but also for zone and spot heating, for example to avoid cold draughts from windows. Radiant heaters are easy to install and require minimum maintenance. They heat directly when switched on and give no air movement.

Radiant Heaters

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The summer season can be prolonged with the use of radiant heaters for outdoor use. There are different solutions depending on the environment. For open-air restaurants without protective walls a heater with a high surface temperature is required. The better the area is protected against the wind, the less output you need, which means you are not as dependent on heaters with a high surface temperature.

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Offices, shops and public premises

Radiant heaters offer many advantages for applications where silent, discreet and efficient heating is required. They give a safe, hygienic and pleasant heat. Mounting on the ceiling or recessed in a false ceiling leaves the walls free and gives a discreet heating. Ceiling mounting also protects the heaters from damage, which ensures longer life. With zone and spot heating as well as protection against cold draughts it is possible to create a comfortable indoor climate with the best economy.

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Industry and large premises

The principle of radiant heaters is well used in buildings with high ceilings such as industrial premises. There are no heat losses between heater and floor since radiant heaters only create the heat when they hit a surface. An industrial building often consists of zones that require different temperatures. With radiant heaters it is possible to direct the heat where it is needed and create different temperature zones.

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Various controls for our radiant heaters.