Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners - Systemair

Systemair’s air conditioning products are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as residential buildings, schools, offices, commercial buildings and hotels, as well as industrial applications.


The extensive product range includes everything from air-cooled / water-cooled chillers and heat pumps to residential heat pumps, rooftop units, water source heat pumps, water terminals, close control units and direct expansion products.



Air Conditioners

Hydronic (Water born) systems - Systemair

Hydronic (Water born) systems

Our hydronic system uses water as the exchange fluid, offering the perfect combination of comfort and high efficiency. Perfect for any type of building, the system consists of an air or water cooled chiller or heat pump that provides cold or hot water to water terminals.

It can be complemented with air handling units to ensure perfect air quality.

This system is particularly well suited for applications such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centers and hospitals . The air cooled chiller variant of the system is also a fundamental part of many industrial processes.

DX (Refrigerant) systems - Systemair

DX (Refrigerant) systems

Our DX systems are designed to fulfil the increasing demands of air comfort still having low operating costs. They are among the most technically advanced and energy-efficient systems available today.

This system is particularly well suited for applications such as residential, shopping centers, hotels and office buildings.