EC-Vent Room Unit

Item Number: 3018

Ready for connection to CO2, moisture, temperature, presence and pressure sensors, etc.

 Built-in humidity and temperature sensors

User friendly menu

Away mode and boost ventilation function

The EC Vent is more than just a control for EC fans. It is a tool that, together with EC fans, simplifies demand-controlled ventilation making it easy to set up and operate. The unique feature of the EC-Vent is that it allows for a number of control options with up to five sensors (analog or digital). A single parameter such as temperature can be controlled at several different locations. Alternatively, various parameters, (CO2, humidity, temperature, etc.) can be combined to control the fan directly or as a complement to the weekly schedule and/or the manual control to boost the ventilation rate if required. It can also be used to control a heater or an extra fan via 0-10 V signal.

The EC-Vent consists of two units, one central unit to be placed near the fan and a single display unit normally sited in a room easily accessible to the user. These units are connected to each other with a low voltage cable. The EC-Vent offers the opportunity to connect up to 5 different sensors that simultaneously detect the actual ventilation requirements and in this way the EC fan will be steplessly controlled to ventilate exactly as much as is required, no more, no less. The result is a good indoor air quality and the user avoids high electricity bills.

3115 EC-Vent Control Board is needed !

Technical parameters

Enclosure class IP20
Used for EC-Vent CB
Controller and Sensors
Permitted ambient temperature 0 to 50 °C
Dimensions and weights
Weight 0.3 kg
A B C D c/c H






Ready for connection to control unit


2 inputs for CO2, humidity, temperature, presence, pressure sensors etc. 1 input, digital / 0...10V / PT1000 and 1 input, digital / 0...10V


Built-in humidity and temperature sensors


User friendly menu


Away mode and boost ventilation function


? 10 m connection wire incl.


LCD with blue background illumination


Jog dial and 2 buttons.


max. cable length 30 m


Permitted ambient temperature 0...50 °C


Protection class IP20


Weight 0.3 kg


LxWxH 80x90x20 mm