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Art. no.: 40670

RPK-R is a round constant air flow controller which is used for exact mechanical setting of required air volume in ventilation systems without need of any other energy.

RPK-R is available in two versions:

• RPK-R without outside insulation.

• RPK-R-I with outside 50 mm thick heat and sound insulation.

The RPK-R enables control of individually required volume flow of air in separate ventilation system zones. RPK-R operates in temperature from -20 to 80°C and relative

humidity up to 80%. Recommended air flow velocity is 3 to 8 m/s at pressure difference up to Δp 500 Pa. Accuracy is ±5 %(±10% at the adjustment range limits).

RPK-R is characterized by:

• control accuracy

• easy mounting

• maintenance-free

• tight connection with the duct

Accessories for RPK-R:

• Attenuators Optima-ASA

Silencers are available to reduce the discharge sound power levels when required. Multi-outlet insulated terminal units are available when multi-zone application is required.


The RPK-R is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal, the blade is from aluminium. All steel parts are zinc plated, spring is made from high quality steel. Sliding bearing is suitable for high temperatures and doesn´t require any lubrication. The cover of adjusting mechanism is made from ABS plastic and the functional parts are from PA plastic. For the isolated version the outside insulation is made from 50 mm thick glass

fiber material with outside steel casing. On demand it is possible to deliver the product with powder paint coating.


The controller can be mounted to horizontal, diagonal or vertical duct. The blade spindle must be always horizontal. It is necessary to pay attention to correct direction of mounting, so that the air is entering the controller according to the direction of the arrow, located on controller casing. Connecting the controller to the duct is done according to its size with grub screws ø 3,2 × 13 to ø 3,9 × 16, or with rivets of the same diameters

and the connection is sealed with sealing tape. After mounting, set the required air volume by turning the working screw on the controller box.

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