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The SYSVRF AHU 5HP, 10HP and 20HP can be used to connect the SYSVRF outdoor units to an external DX coil with capacity from 9 kW to 56 kW.

• Nominal capacity in cooling 14kW (5HP), 28kW (10HP) and 56kW (20HP).
• Modulating cooling/heating capacity thanks to the built-in Electronic Expansion Valve (EXV) controlled by the superheat degree of the DX coil.
• The SYSVRFAHU kit includes four temperature sensors, one for the air intake of the AHU and three for a precise monitoring of the DX evaporator coil.
• With the 2nd generation it is possible to connect in pararrel up to 4 AHU boxes with Master-Slave configuration thus reaching a total capacity of 224kW in a single refrigerant circuit.
• For indoor installation in vertical position.
• Failure alarm codes on the PCB for quick service checking.
• Environment friendly R410A refrigerant.
• Connection to Systemair network monitoring system.
• Wired controllor SYS WC 29 as standard equipment.
• Power supply 50Hz or 60Hz.

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  • Aug 29, 2018
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Technical parameter

Dimensions and weights
Length 375 mm
Height 350 mm
Depth 150 mm
Weight 8.9 kg

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