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The CAP-C ceiling diffuser is suitable for visible connection and can be connected directly to the duct using the connection sleeve fitted with a rubber seal tested for air tightness. It is equipped with directionally adjustable nozzles. This enables functionality in a vast

range of operation modes like horizontal, vertical, diagonal, single- or multi-directional and swirl for both, cooling and heating. The side gap is adjustable between 0 and 20 mm to enable increased air supply. The CAP-C consists of a front plate with nozzles and a soundinsulated plenum box and damper. Installation height is up to 4 m. Max. temperature difference: ΔT 12 K.


The diffuser is made of powder paint coated galvanized steel sheet. The nozzles are ABS Plastics. The diffuser plate is adjustably attached to the base with circular tight horizontal

connection with flow adjustment damper.


The diffuser is fixed securely by screwing it up into the ceiling from the inside of the unit. The front plate can be removed by pulling it straight out. The sound absorbing material is cut out of the diffuser's centre to make room for the screws. The diffuser has a M8 blind rivet for suspension.

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