Air Volume Control

Air Volume Control - Systemair

Air Volume control dampers with Manual balancing mechanism, self-regulating mechanical mechanism or electronic regulating controllers.

Rectangular and Circular dampers available in up to air tightness class of C4 acc. to EN1751, highest rating for building duct system.

Constant volume regulators with and without actuator overrides, variable Air volume regulators with large range of control.

Manufactured in sheet steel casing and dampers or in combination of sheet steel frames and extruded aluminium blades assure a robust and precise air volume control.




Air Volume Control

Constant Air Volume Control - Systemair

Constant Air Volume Control

Air flow control devices with constant setpoint

Variable Air Volume Control - Systemair

Variable Air Volume Control

Air flow control devices with variable setpoint

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Shut-off and continuous adjustment dampers

Accessories Air Volume Control - Systemair

Accessories Air Volume Control

Accessories for air flow control devices