False ceiling units

False ceiling units - Compact AHU - Air Handling Units - Products - Systemair

False ceiling units are special designed with a flat feature suitable for indoor under roof installation with limited built in heights. The model range includes alternative heat exchanger, counter flow or rotary. All models feature control system, fans and filter as well as heat exchanger in an insulated, single casing. The model range has alternative re-heater variants and a various combination of accessories.

False ceiling units

TOPVEX FC - False ceiling units - Compact AHU - Air Handling Units - Products - Systemair


Topvex FC – Flat compact air handling unit with counter flow heat recovery. Available in three sizes, with air flows up to 3.500 m³/h

Topvex FC is a heat recovery unit that is especially suitable for installation in ceilings. The building height of the smallest Topvex FC is only 350mm.

As all units in the Topvex series, Topvex FC is very energy-efficient. Thanks to double counter-current exchangers you get efficiencies of over 80% (measured in accordance with EN308). This, in turn, naturally contributes to low SFP values. Another advantage of the counter-current exchangers is that there is no leakage between the supply and exhaust air.

Topvex FC is equipped with large doors that facilitate service and maintenance. When the unit is installed in the ceiling, it can be fitted with sliding doors (optional).

To facilitate installation and commissioning Topvex FC is delivered with complete control equipment with, among many other things, has a demand-controlled defrosting function. The unit can be connected to a host system. The electricity/control box can be tilted for better access when connecting.

To ensure reliable performance Topvex FC is certified by Eurovent.

TOPVEX FR - False ceiling units - Compact AHU - Air Handling Units - Products - Systemair


Topvex FR – Ventilation unit with low building height and efficient heat recovery. Available in four sizes with air flows up to 5.400 m³/h

Topvex FR is equipped with rotating heat recovery, and has now been equipped with efficient rotary heat exchangers with over 80% efficiency at nominal air flow.

Topvex FR is available for constant or variable airflow. All units are equipped with a complete control system that can connect to various building management systems.