Fan Heaters

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For decades Frico has been the world leader in fan heater design. Today we have a complete range of high quality equipment modelled on the demanding climate of Scandinavia. Frico's worldwide distribution network encounters many different environmental conditions, such as storage rooms, pump rooms, building sites, mines, sports centres, shops, drying rooms, stables, boats, etc. We are proud of the worldwide acclaim we have gained through our line of fan heaters. They are known as reliable and long-lasting products. The heaters are also robust and will withstand rough treatment in aggressive environments, at the same time having the lowest sound level on the market.

Fan Heaters

Portable fan heaters - Fan Heaters - Heating - Products - Systemair

Portable fan heaters

Compact, portable fan heaters are practical for personal heating comfort at construction sites and occasional heating of other rooms. Their robust design and construction make them very durable.

Wall mounted fan heaters - Fan Heaters - Heating - Products - Systemair

Wall mounted fan heaters

Fan heaters are often the least expensive alternative for permanent heating of a building. They give very high output for each invested amount of money (W/money) and are easy to install. Automation is built into the units, but they can be equipped with accessories such as an automatic temperature control (for temperature reduction at night and on holidays), external thermostats, air directors, etc. Fan Heaters are well suited as laundry dryers in e.g. residential drying rooms.

Ceiling mounted fan heaters - Fan Heaters - Heating - Products - Systemair

Ceiling mounted fan heaters

Many of Frico's fan heaters can be mounted in ceiling when this position is most suitable. We also offer fan heaters specially designed for ceiling mounting, with for example low height meaning they can also be recessed into a suspended ceiling.