SQ 20 EC 4P -- -- -----

SQ 20 EC 4P -- -- -----

Item Number: 372252

The best way to combine low noise and energy savings!

SysQuare cassettes offer a comfortable air conditioning with improved acoustic performances. Their design and their small dimensions allow them to fit harmoniously into standard 600x600mm ceiling tiles*.

These cassettes have been specially designed for an easy and fast installation, as well as for a great ease of maintenance with a complete access to the internal components.

The range at a glance

• Cooling capacities from 1.4 to 9.6 kW
• Heating capacities from 1.1 to 14.0 kW
• 6 sizes (SQ20, SQ30, SQ40, SQ50, SQ60, SQ70)
• EC fans (EC) or AC fans (--)
• 2-pipe (2P) or 4-pipe (4P) versions
• Equipped with a Terminal block (--), an Infrared control system (IR) or many other electromechanical or electronic control systems like SysLogic.
• Without (--) or with 2-way (2W) or 3-way (3W) valve(s)
• Without (-----) or with Electrical heater (1500W, 2500W or 3000W depending on the size)
• Plastic or metallic IRYS COANDA diffuser (mandatory accessory) 
• Many accessories and options available!

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Easy installation

• Perfect integration into standard 600x600 ceiling tiles *.
• Low built-in-height.
• Direct access to the electrical connections.
• Mounted valve(s) and control system as an option.
• Drain pump mounted as standard.  


• 100% of our units are tested.
• Eurovent certified.


To satisfy your requirements, SysQuare cassettes are configurable with many options (factory mounted) and accessories (delivered unmounted).

• Plastic or metallic IRYS COANDA diffusers (mandatory),
• SysLogic controller (other electromechanical or electro­nic control systems also available),
• WRC/BRC wall mounted remote control for Syslogic.
• Modbus communication board for SysLogic,
• ECoSpeed3 board for EC fan(s),
• Infrared control system,
• IR remote control,
• 2 way or 3 way valves,
• Auxiliary drain pan,
• Electrical heater,
• Fresh air kit. 

* from SQ20 to SQ40 with IRYS COANDA diffuser.

Technical parameters

Cooling capacity 2 kW
Heating capacity 1.67 kW
Power consumption heating 0.013 kW
General data
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase(s) 1~
Voltage (nominal) 230 V
Sound data
Sound pressure level at 1m, indoor unit 31 dB(A)
Dimensions and weights
Weight 19 kg
Images Dimensions - SQ 20 EC 4P - - --- - Systemair Images Dimensions - SQ 20 EC 4P - - --- - Systemair Images Dimensions - SQ 20 EC 4P - - --- - Systemair Images Dimensions - SQ 20 EC 4P - - --- - Systemair
Length Width Height

SQ 20-30-40 with plastic diffuser




SQ 20-30-40 with IRYS COANDA 180 metallic diffuser




SQ 20-30-40 with IRYS COANDA 360 metallic diffuser




Kit SRC interface white noname - Systemair Item Number: 375281 Kit SRC interface white noname

Kit SRC interface white noname