AR 315DV sileo Axial fan

Item Number: 37380

speed controllable by voltage reduction, plus option of 2-step operation by D/Y switching for 400V versions

safe and maintenance free operation

can be installed in any mounting position

electric connection via terminal box mounted on the casing

Axial fans of the AR sileo range do have a bionic shape of the fan blade, and are driven by external rotor motors. The AR range is mounted in a round casing according Eurovent 1/2, galvanized steel and powder coated in black (RAL9005). The axial impeller is manufactured from black high efficiency composite material. The impeller is balanced dynamically in two levels in accordance with DIN ISO 1940 part 1, quality G6.3.

The motors are equipped with thermal contacts for motor protection, with leads to be connected to a motor protection unit.

Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (nominal) 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase(s) 3~
Motor circuit connection D; Y
Input power 110 W
Input current 0.28 A
Impeller speed 1,365 r.p.m.
Air flow max 1,407.0 cfm
Temperature of transported air max 140 °F
Max temperature of transported air, when speed controlled 140 °F
Sound data
Sound pressure level at 1m 62 dB(A)
Enclosure class, motor IP44
Insulation class B
Dimensions and weights
Duct dimension; Circular, inlet 315 mm
Duct dimension; Circular, outlet 315 mm
Weight 15.7 lb
Duct connection type Circular
Color name, casing Black
Motor type AC

High speed

Low Speed







z x Ød

AR 315 sileo





8 x Ø9,5

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