G1179 Geniox Series

G1179 Geniox Series

Item Number: G1179

Geniox – A new breed of ERV

Sometimes things just click. That was what happened when we created Geniox – a new breed of ERV with a number of innovative solutions.

It comes with our outstanding selection software and a new high performance casing system that makes Geniox extremely scalable. In other words, it is easier than ever to customize the best possible ventilation solution for your requirements. Easier for the engineer, easier for the installer, easier for the facility manager and easier for you. Geniox simply is the smartest, easiest way to superior Indoor Air Quality.

Geniox offers a wide range of functions to make up the heart of any ventilation system. Our energy recovery units offer an energy efficient ventilation solution for commercial, institutional and light industrial applications. The Geniox family can handle airflows from 2,700 to 16,300 cfm. This level of flexibility means that we can offer an optimized solution regardless of your project or industry.


Geniox, modular energy recovery unit:

• 5 sizes 2,700 -16,300 cfm
• Optional Sensible and Enthalpy wheels and cores
• EC, AC fan, fan array
• Hot & Chilled water coils
• Electric heat
• Multiple damper and air path configurations
• MERV 8 - 14 Pleated and Bag filters
• With or without controls
• Indoor and Outdoor applications

Geniox is designed to combine performance and quality usually only found in full custom AHU’s with the lead time and convenience of a modular air handling unit. Geniox is one of Systemair’s newest Intelligent Ventilation products built specifically for the North American market, in North America.

Technical parameters

Speed regulation Stepless
Air flow 2,700.0 to 16,300.0 cfm
Heat exchanger
Exchanger type Sensible and Enthalpy wheels and cores
Heating type Electric; Water
Fan control CAV, air flow control; Outdoor compensated air flow; VAV, pressure control
Installation placement Horizontal
Supply side Left; Right
Dimensions and weights
Weight 0 lb