IV50 EC High Induction Jet Fan

3517 CFM, Low Profile, 51 N Thrust, EC Driven Centrifugal

Item Number: 95921

Specifically designed to address the challenges of enclosed and underground Car Park applications, the IV-50 EC combines the performance measures of airflow, thrust, and induction to optimize a Dilution Ventilation Strategy and significantly reduce CO levels.


The IV-50 EC is the first High Induction Jet Fan to be certified to the AMCA International Jet Fan Certified Ratings Program, which is tested to AMCA Standard 250 for both air and thrust performance along with AMCA Standard 300 for sound performance, and is a significant step forward in the evolution of Car Park ventilation solutions.


Driven by an Electronically Commutated motor, the IV-50 EC can operate in a voltage range of 208v to 277v and can accept various control input options including PWM, 0-10V, 4-20mA, or simple on/off to any set speed.


The IV-50 EC yields the most performance available in the lowest profile unit at only 10.25”. And with a sound level of only 73 dBA @ 3 meters, proves that high performance does not need to be loud.




Technical parameters

Norminal data
Rated voltage 208 to 277 V
Voltage type AC
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase(s) 1~
Maximum current 11 A
Impeller speed 1,400 r.p.m.
Air flow max 3,517 cfm
Nominal Thrust, fan 51 N
Throw @ 1m/s Terminal Vel 150 ft
Max Induction Factor 21
Temperature of transported air max 113 °F
Sound data
Sound pressure level at 3m (free field) 73 dB
Enclosure class, motor IP22
Insulation class F
Dimensions and weights
Weight 162 lb
Motor type EC

10.84 (276)

32.83 (834)

7.27 (185)

14.54 (370)

0.53 (14)

10.18 (259)

50.54 (1284)

Dimensional information is in inches (mm).