208-480V, Imax: 4A

Item Number: 36231

Speed controller with 0-10V input for 3~ fans equipped with all pole sine filter  

The FRQS/FRQ5S frequency inverters have integrated all pole sine filters as standard. Therfore there is no need for shielded cables for the installation This makes the unit also perfectly suited to retrofit into existing systems. The sine filters enable existing non-shielded cables to be retained. This units also reliably control motors which, due to their design, are not usually considered suitable for frequency inverter operation i.e. external rotor motors.

Save and trouble free motor operation with integrated, all pole effective sine filter

Analog input for external speed setup value(0-10 V, 0-20 mA, PWM)

10V DC output for external potentiometer

Potential-free operation notification

Enable contact section for a stand-by switch or electronic reset 

Motor protection by connecting thermostats "TB" or thermistors "TP"

Interference emission EN 61000-6-3

Interference immunity EN 61000-6-2

Complete range in IP54

Trouble free parallel operation of motors

No danger to the motors through voltage peaks, bearing current, etc.

No limit of motor cable length

Retrofit in installations with existent wiring(unshielded cables)

Operation without electromagnetic motor noise

Wide voltage range 3~ 208V-480V, 50/60Hz

When operating with Explosion proof fans the FRQ has to be placed outside the EX zone!

Technical parameters

Nominal data
Rated voltage 208 to 480 V
Frequency 50; 60 Hz
Phase(s) 3~
Maximum current 4 A
Enclosure class IP54
Controller and Sensors
Recommended fuse 10 A
Permitted ambient temperature max 40 °C
Dimensions and weights
Weight 5.32 kg
EC-Selector Item Number: 9908 EC-Selector

Selection module for 3 speeds

MTP 10, 10K, Speed control Item Number: 32731 MTP 10, 10K, Speed control

inset- surface mounted

MTP 20, on/off, 3-step Item Number: 310220 MTP 20, on/off, 3-step .
MTV-1/010 Controller 0..10V+ Item Number: 30650 MTV-1/010 Controller 0..10V+

power supply 230VAV, Output: 0..10V, Wall mounted

REV-5POL/05 ON/OFF Item Number: 33979 REV-5POL/05 ON/OFF

max. 20A, 400V, IP65

S-5EC/FRQ Item Number: 76738 S-5EC/FRQ

IP54, DC 10V, 5 step switch