FXDM5AM Frequency inv. IP54

400V Imax: 5A,

Item Number: 31387

Frequency inverter with integrated allpole sine filter


Frequency regulator with multifunction display for constant temperature or constant pressure in duct systems with integrated process controller (PID free programmable) or with 0..10V control signal. Two setpoints or manual mode is possible. 2 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 analog output 0..10V and 2 relays with change-over contact. All in-/outputs are programmable. Total motor protection using thermo contact / thermistor connection. With preprogram modes also for outdoor compensation for easy setup. Menu languages are English, German, Swedish,... +24VAC / Imax 120mA power supply for sensors. Making up to three settable speed ranges. Min. and max. speed limitations.

Integrated allpole sine filter for external rotor motors. Absolute parallel operation of fans, no risk of damage for motor. Screened motor cables are not required!

Technical parameters

Norminal data
Rated voltage 208 to 480 V
Frequency 50; 60 Hz
Phase(s) 3~
Maximum current 5 A
Enclosure class IP54
Controller and Sensors
Recommended fuse 10 A
Permitted ambient temperature max 40 °C
Dimensions and weights
Weight 7 kg
Images Wiring - Systemair
Images Dimensions - Systemair


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