MUB/T 042 400DV

Item Number: 33655

Up to 120°C medium temperature, continuous operation

Multi-functional use, e.g. for kitchen exhaust air

Modular system

Pre-assembled isolator is standard

Low sound level

Easy to maintain and reliable

Motor outside the air stream

All MUB/T fans have impellers with backward curved blades, manufactured from aluminium. The MUB/T fans are suitable for medium temperatures up to 120°C continuously. Motor protection by cold conductors or thermal contact, to be connected to an external motor protection device. The casing consists of an aluminium frame with fibreglass reinforced plastic corners and double skin, galvanised steel panels with a 20 mm mineral wool insulation. Panels are removable, allowing flexible ventilation solutions - the air direction can easily be changed by 90°. With quick lock access door. The MUB bottom panel is shaped as a grease tray and incorporates a pre-mounted 1" drain plug. An isolator switch is mounted on the casing.

Several filter modules like f.e. activated carbon- or aluminum filters are available, calculated individually on the working point.

Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (nominal) 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase(s) 3~
Input power 528 W
Starting current 4.6 A
Input current 1.4 A
Impeller speed 1,370 r.p.m.
Air flow max 1,134 L/s
Temperature of transported air max 120 °C
Maximum temperature of transported air, when speed controlled 120 °C
Sound data
Sound pressure level at 3m (20m² Sabin) 47 dB(A)
Enclosure class, motor IP54
Insulation class F
Dimensions and weights
Weight 49 kg
Motor type AC
Mid-frequency band, Hz
Hz Tot 63 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k

LwA Inlet











LwA Outlet











LwA Surrounding











Measuring point: qv = 0,6 m3/s, Ps = 323 Pa





MUB/T 042 400





Multibox Thermo fan for medium temperatures up to 120 °C in continuous operation, reliable, for easy and direct installation in duct systems.


Casing frame construction made of aluminium hollow profiles and plastic corners for highest impact resistance. Double skin galvanised steel panels, thermally and sound insulated with a 20 mm layer of mineral wool, smooth inner sides. Removable service panel. Bottom panel is shaped as a grease tray and incorporates a pre-mounted 1" drain plug.


Free-running, backward curved circular impeller made of aluminium. Impeller acc. to VDI 2060, balancing quality Q 6.3, dynamically balanced in two planes acc. to ISO 21940-11.


Voltage controllable internal rotor motor, standard motor IEC (IP54), outside the air flow, easy to maintain. Integral thermal contacts with leads to a motor protection device. Speed-controlled by voltage reduction via transformer, 2 speed control by star delta change-over or via frequency inverter. Terminal box fitted on the motor.


Pre-assembled isolator switch.


Multifunctional use, square connection, intake and discharge side. Variable outlet direction, can be modified on site.


Suitable for kitchen exhaust.


Horizontal installation position only.


For indoor installation.


For outdoor installation with corresponding accessories.


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