Roof EX fans

Roof EX fans - Systemair

Explosion proof roof fans bring the best possible performance in combination with maximum safety.

Air volume 410 - 12 400 l/s (410 - 44 800 m³/h) maximum volume.

Roof EX fans

DVEX - Systemair


The casing casing is manufactured from sea water resistant aluminium. The base frame is manufactured from galvanised steel and the inlet cone from copper. A powder coated bird guard manufactured from galvanised steel is integrated in the casing.

Voltage controllable external rotor motors with flying leads.

Radial impeller with backward curved blades manufactured from galvanised steel.

Speed controllable via a 5-step transformer.

Motor protection via integrated PTC thermistors, to be combined with a motor protection device.


Classification in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EU

The fans can be used for temperature classes T1, T2 and T3.

Exhaust of potentially explosive gases in Zone 1 and Zone 2 as well as Groups IIA and IIB is also possible.

DVV-EX - Systemair


DVV-Ex Roof fans certified according to ATEX are designed to exhaust potentially explosive atmospheres from explosion hazardous areas.

Octagonal casing and motor cover, made from sea water resistant aluminium, with a bird protection guard. Base frame is made from ZM (Zinc-Magnesium) coated steel, with a copper inlet cone.

Flange motors in explosion protection "flameproof enclosure" - Ex d.

Radial welded impeller with backward curved blades manufactured from steel.

Speed controllable via frequency converter.

Terminal box in explosion protection "increased safety" - II 2G Ex e IIC T5/T6 is mounted on the casing.

Motor protection by integrated PTC thermistors.

Marking of the serial equipped fan (c = constructional protection): II 2G c IIB T4.

Suitable for exhaust from zones 1 or 2, field of application II, for gases of groups A and B and temperature classes T1 to T4..