Thermo Axial fans

Thermo Axial fans - Systemair

Thermo Axial fans are ideal for transfering dirty, humid as well as hot air, up to 200°C, against high pressure drops. Clean inline solution with motor outside the airflow. Easy and space-saving integration into your duct system.

For industrial applications like process exhaust air, commercial kitchens and similar applications.

Thermo Axial fans

AXCBF - Systemair


AXCBF range of bifurcated medium pressure axial fans has been developed for applications with an atmosphere which would either require special motors or reduce the lifetime of a standard motor.

Motors are out of the airstream, the compartment allows easy access to the motor terminal box for wiring.

Available in sizes from 250 up to 800 mm nominal diameter.

Fan casings are heavy gauge, hot dip galvanized.


Impeller geometry

Aerofoil axial impeller made of die cast aluminum for maximum efficiency.


Power control

Speed controllable by frequency converter.


Motor protection

Integrated cold conductor (PTC) for motor protection, with leads to be connected to a motor protection unit.