Explosion proof fans

Explosion proof fans - Systemair

Duct-, roof- or axial fans for operational installations conforming to ATEX directive in explosion hazardous zones. Examples are petrol stations, battery rooms, painting cabins and the chemical industry.

Airflow up to 52700 l/s (190000 m³/h)

Explosion proof fans

Roof EX fans - Systemair

Roof EX fans

Explosion proof roof fans bring the best possible performance in combination with maximum safety.

Air volume 410 - 12 400 l/s (410 - 44 800 m³/h) maximum volume.

Low pressure Axial EX fans - Systemair

Low pressure Axial EX fans

Square wall plate casing and axial impeller made from galvanized sheet steel, blackpowder coated. Includes protection guard on the intake side.

Voltage controllable external rotor motors with cable or speed controllable via voltage reduction using a transformer or 2-stage operation via star-delta switching.

Motor protection via integrated PTC thermistors, combined with a connected motor protection device.

The fans can be used for the temperature classes T1 toT3 classification in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EC, as well as T4 for the AW 355 and AW 420. Exhaust of potentially explosive gases in Zone 1 and Zone 2 as well as Groups IIA and IIB is also possible.