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X-DVS 310ES Roof fan+FTG 400

Roof fan

Item Number: 31330


Integral thermal contacts

Low sound level

Maintenance-free and reliable

The DVS/DHS/DVSI models have impellers with backward curved blades and external rotor motors. All motors are speed controllable over the voltage. For speed controlling of the DVS/DHS/DVSI roof fans with a frequency converter a type with all pole sine filter is needed! The motors are suspended on effective vibration dampers.

DVS/DHS/DVSI …EZ / EV / ES:  1~ motor with connection for 2-speeds

DVS/DHS/DVSI …E4:  1-speed motor

DVS/DHS/DVSI …DV / DS:  3~ with Y/D-connection for 2-speeds

To protect the motors from overheating the DVS/DHS/DVSI up to size 311 have integral thermal contacts, from size 355 with external leads for connection to a motor protection device.

The casing is made from aluminum and the base frame is powder-coated galvanised steel. Suitable for coastal applications. The impellers up to size 355 are manufactured from polyamide PA6 25GV, from size 400 in aluminium.

Including a tilting device for service options. The frame is made of galvanized steel and the external hinge consists of stainless steel.

DVS with outlet vertical

DHS with outlet horizontal

DVSI with 50 mm mineral wool insulation for low noise level.

Parametros tecnicos

Datos nominales
Tensión (nominal) 230 V
Frecuencia 50 Hz
Fase(s) 1~
Potencia de entrada 71 W
Corriente de entrada 0,301 A
Revoluciones por minuto 999 r.p.m.
Caudal de aire máximo 1.210 m³/h
Capacidad del condensador 1,5 µF
Temperatura del aire transportado máximo 40 °C
Temperatura maxima del aire transportado, con velocidad controladoa 40 °C
Datos de ruido
Nivel de presion sonora a 10m (campo abierto) 29 dB(A)
Nivel de presion sonora a 4m (campo abierto) 37 dB(A)
Grado de proteccion ,motor IP44
Clase de aislamiento B
Dimensiones y pesos
Peso 19 kg
Tipo de motor AC
MTY 1AU/REE1 Control velocidad - Systemair Item Number: 5314 MTY 1AU/REE1 Control velocidad

Wall mounted

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