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X-KFB 140 L Cupboard fan

Item Number: 1995

Integral thermal contacts

Low sound level

Maintenance-free and reliable

Compact design

The fan is especially designed for mechanical exhaust ventilation for apartments or one-family houses. It combines the possibility to extract air from the kitchen canopy as well as the rest of the apartment/house.  The fan is meant to be mounted on the wall behind a cupboard above the kitchen canopy and is controlled by a transformer in the canopy. It can also be installed in the attic or laundry room and is then controlled by a separate transformer.

Both the canopy and the transformer are equipped with fast couplings to facilitate the connection to the cupboard fan.

The complete fan assembly is mounted in the lid of the unit and is easily removed for maintenance.

For cleaning, the impeller is dismounted and washed by hand or in dishwasher.

Parametros tecnicos

Frecuencia 50 Hz
Tensión (nominal) 230 V
Fase(s) 1~
Corriente de entrada 0,607 A
Potencia de entrada 139 W
Capacidad del condensador 4 µF
Caudal de aire máximo 436 m³/h
Ventilador de impulsion
Revoluciones por minuto 2.518 r.p.m.
Clase de aislamiento B
Dimensiones y pesos
Peso 10 kg
Datos de ruido
Nivel de presion sonora a 3m (20m2 Sabin) 43 dB(A)
LDC 100-300 Silenciador - Systemair Item Number: 8180 LDC 100-300 Silenciador .
LDC 100-600 Silenciador - Systemair Item Number: 5188 LDC 100-600 Silenciador .
LDC 100-900 Silenciador - Systemair Item Number: 5189 LDC 100-900 Silenciador .
LDC 125-600 Silenciador - Systemair Item Number: 5190 LDC 125-600 Silenciador .
LDC 125-900 Silenciador - Systemair Item Number: 5191 LDC 125-900 Silenciador .