EC Roof fans

EC Roof fans - Systemair

We provide a wide range of roof fans equipped with energy-saving, highly efficient EC motors. Easy to control and, depending on the version, available with or without sound insulation, pressure sensors or control module.

Air volume from 160 - 4620 l/s (580 - 16630 m³/h)

EC Roof fans

DVC - Systemair



Casing made from sea water resistant aluminium. Base frame manufactured from galvanised steel.


Energy-saving, highly efficient EC external rotor motors.

Impeller geometry

Radial impeller with backward curved blades.

Output control

100 % controllable.

The DVC-S fans are equipped with a potentiometer (0-10 V), installed in the terminal box.

The speed can be easily adjusted should the installation require a different operation point.

DVC-P with integrated pressure regulator unit for constant pressure control.

The programming for constant pressure control can be executed with and without external temperature compensation.

Motor protection

The motor protection is integrated in the motor electronics.