Fans & Accessories

Fans & Accessories - Systemair

Systemair has a wide range of fans for use in various applications from residential buildings to small office premises to hospitals and large industrial applications. All products in our range have been extensively tested, both in the laboratory and in the field, in order to comply with current and future demands for low energy consumption. All products are also manufactured to comply with international environmental requirements.

Fans & Accessories

Centrifugal fans - Systemair

Centrifugal fans

Air flows: Up to 3000 l/s

Circular duct fans - Systemair

Circular duct fans

Circular duct fans from Systemair equipped with AC and high efficient EC motors provides one of the most flexible and reliable ranges on the market.

Airflow up to 2300 l/s (8280 m³/h)

Rectangular & Square Duct fans - Systemair

Rectangular & Square Duct fans

Rectangular or square shape duct fans from Systemair equipped AC and high efficient EC motors provides one of the most flexible and reliable ranges in the market.

Thanks to the wide assortment of different variants you will find the right solution for your fan application.

Airflow up to 3350 l/s (12060m³/h)

Roof fans - Systemair

Roof fans

A wide range of standard roof fans with circular or square connection equipped with AC or high efficient EC motors, as well as Thermo roof fans that can handle rough air at temperatures up to 120°C.

Airflow up to 3800 l/s (13700m³/h)

Other fans - Systemair

Other fans

A wide range of specialized fans for high air temperatures, demanding ventilation or other specific applications.

Airflow up to 3000 l/s (10800m³/h).

Axial fans - Systemair

Axial fans

Systemair offers a wide range of axial fans in various designs. For most applications in the ventilating or air conditioning sector as well as in a lot of industrial and commercial applications Systemair fan can be selected. Some examples are: mining, tunnel ventilation, car park ventilation, applications in explosion hazardous areas and high temperature fans to extract heat and smoke in case of a fire.

Airflow up to 139000 l/s (500000 m³/h)

Domestic fans - Systemair

Domestic fans

Fans for ventilation of toilets and bathrooms.

Airflow up to 80 l/s (288m³/h)

Smoke extract fans - Systemair

Smoke extract fans

During a fire, smoke and fire gases spread through an entire building. Smoke extract fans secure the building by extracting that smoke and heat. Typical areas of application include shopping centers, airports, industrial buildings, cinemas, theatres or similar buildings. The smoke extract fans are also used to exhaust air with high temperatures, for parking garages and tunnel ventilation. We offer one of the biggest ranges of axial and centrifugal smoke extract fan solutions on the market.

Airflow up to 70000 l/s (252000 m³/h)