AXCBF-EX range of bifurcated medium pressure axial fans has been developed for applications with an atmosphere which would either require special motors or reduce the lifetime of a standard motor.

The stock range offers a standard selection with maximum airflow for the installed motor power.


Axial fan with casing manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel.

Free-running axial impeller made of aluminium.

Ex d motors are equipped with PTC thermistors for optimum motor protection and are out of the airstream.

Speed controllable by voltage reduction with frequency inverter.


Fans could be used for zones 1 or 2, field of application II, for gases of groups IIA, IIB and IIC and for temperature classes T1 to T4. The fans are classified to category 2G and certified under the no Sira 07ATEX6341X.

Available in sizes from 250 up to 800 mm impeller diameter.

Airflow up to 21100 m³/h.