Vertikaalpaigaldusega agregaadid

Vertikaalpaigaldusega agregaadid - Systemair

Vertical units are special designed for floor installation with optimised unit footprint, thus vertical duct connections. All models has an insulated casing with integrated fans, filters, control system and heat exchanger. The model range has alternative re-heater variants and a various combination of accessories.

Vertikaalpaigaldusega agregaadid

TOPVEX TR - Systemair


Topvex TR – Compact unit with rotary heat recovery, available in 6 sizes with air flows up to 6.500 m³/h

Topvex TR is a series of compact air handling units with rotary heat recovery.

Topvex TR is equipped with rotary heat exchangers. Effcient EC fans provide improved sound performance and energy efficiency.

The unit is designed to make installation, inspection and maintenance as easy and simple as possible.

Improved internal and external air tightening increases the unit’s energy efficiency.

The unit is available for constant or demand controlled air flow and is supplied complete with controls to facilitate installation and commissioning. As standard Topvex also have several integrated possibilities of connecting to building management systems.

TOPVEX TXC - Systemair


Topvex TX/C – Energy efficient air handling unit with counter flow heat recovery, available in three sizes with air flows up to 3.060 m³/h

Topvex TX/C is a series of air handling units equipped with efficient counter flow heat exchangers that gives over 80% dry efficiency (according to EN308).

To ensure low energy use, even during summer, the units heat recovery module have been provided with automatic by-pass that is capable to cover 100% of the air flow.

The integrated control system includes energy saving functions such as cooling recovery, free cooling, summer operation, yearly operation calendar, outdoor compensated air flow control etc. Demand control ventilation can be used with CO2 presence, moisture or air quality sensors.

The unit is designed to make installation, inspection and maintenance as easy and simple as possible.

Topvex TX/C is equipped with water or electric reheater alternatives.