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X-KVO 355 kanaliventilaator

Systemair slim box fan KVO355

Toote number: 2030


Integral thermal contacts

Low noise level

Compact construction

The KVO 355-400 models have a single-inlet centrifugal fan with forward-curved blades and a maintenance-free external rotor motor. In all KVO models, the motor and impeller are mounted on the cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. To protect the motor from overheating, the fans have integral thermal contacts with external leads for connection to a motor protection device. The fans can be installed in any position, and are easy to connect to spiral ducts using FK mounting clamps. The lid is insulated with 40 mm rockwool. The casing is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel.

Tehnilised parameetrid

Pinge (Nominaal) 230 V
Sagedus 50 Hz
Faas(id) 1~
Sisendvõimsus 1 196 W
Sisendvool 5.69 A
Ventilaatori labade kiirus 1 118 r.p.m.
Õhuhulk Max 882 L/s
Kondensaatori mahtuvus 20 µF
Teisaldatava õhu temperatuur Max 65 °C
Max Teisaldatava õhu temperatuur kiiruse reguleerimise korralt 65 °C
Müra andmed
Helirõhutase 3 m kaugusel (20m² Sabine) 53 dB(A)
Kaitseklass, mootor IP54
Isolatsiooni klass F
Mõõtmed ja kaal
Toru mõõt; Ümar, sissepuhe 355 mm
Toru mõõt; Ümar, väljatõmme 355 mm
Kaal 38.3 kg
Toruühenduse tüüp Ümar
Mootori tüüp AC

KVO 355 Circular duct fan


DN 355, 230V/50Hz, 1~, sound insulated


Centrifugal circular duct fan designed for easy and direct installation in ducts, single inlet.


Single skin, galvanised sheet steel housing. Double wall cover, mineral wool insulation 40 mm, removable incl. fan unit for cleaning and maintenance.


Forward curved centrifugal impeller made of plastic. Impeller acc. to VDI 2060, balancing quality G 6.3, dynamically balanced in two planes.


Voltage controllable external rotor motor


(IP44), maintenance-free, the motor is placed inside the air flow for cooling. Integral thermal contacts with leads to a motor protection device. Speed-controlled by voltage reduction via transformer or thyristor. Equipped with a supply cable, length=1.80m.


For extract and supply air.


Very low installation height.


Installation in any mounting position.


For indoor installation.






Item no.2030


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