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X-VMXT21P Valve 3-way DN20

Kvs 2,5 250kPa

Toote number: 6803

Three way valve

The control valves have a body of brass, a stainless steel stem and double O-ring packing. Cone of brass with O-ring packing, which provides a very tight seal when the valve is closed.

The valves have linear characteristics for the flow from port B to AB and procentually increasing for port A to AB. They have a built-in valve-spring which keeps the stem in the upper position when the actuator is not mounted.

For water, even mixed with glycol ( Max. 30%)

Temperature of media 2...95°C

DN 20 

kvs 2,5

Max diff.pres 250 kPa

Tehnilised parameetrid

Kontroller ja andurid
Suurim rõhkude vahe 250 kPa
Rõhuklass 1.6 MPa
Reguleerimissuhe 50:1
Mõõtmed ja kaal
Suurim käik 6 mm
Toru ühenduse mõõt DN20
Kaal 0.518 kg
Agendi temperatuurivahemik 2 kuni 95 °C
Voolamise karakteristikud Lineaarne (A-AB)
Kvs väärtus 2 500 L/h
Maksimaalne leke 0 %
Kerematerjal Messing
Koonusematerjal Messing
Vars Roostevabast terasest
RVAZ4 24A Ventiiliajam 0-10V - Systemair Toote number: 9862 RVAZ4 24A Ventiiliajam 0-10V .