MTP 20, on/off, 3-step

Tuotenumero: 310220

3-Step potentiometer for speed control with on/off function

These control switches are to be used in combination with motors/controls from which the 10 V supply voltage is converted into three steps to obtain a minimum, mid and maximum position.

Position 1 and 2 can be adjusted to environmental requirements 

- Combined flush or surface mounting

For the manual control of speed and air flow of electrical fans with 0-10V output. The jetproof IP 54 enclosure is achieved with the included surface mounting case. (Flush-mounting without the surface mounting case,gives a splash proof IP 44 enclosure also suitable for highly demand environments as bathrooms etc).

Tekniset parametrit

Nimellisjännite 10 - 15 V
Taajuus DC
Säädin ja sensorit
Kykyalue 0...10V
Ohjaussignaali 0...20kOhm
Mitat ja painot
Paino 0,2 kg