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X-MUB 062 560DV-K3 hd:le/out:r

handling: left, outlet: right

Numéro article: 32600

• Motor outside of the air stream

• Speed-controllable

• Modular system

• Integral thermal contacts

• Low sound level

• Maintenance-free and reliable

All MUB-K2 fans have impellers with backward curved

blades, manufactured from aluminium, and IEC

standard motors, which can be speed controlled by

transformer, except size 630-D4 which is controllable

only via frequency controller. Motors are outside the

air stream.

The casing consists of an aluminium frame with

fiberglass reinforced plastic corners and double

skin, galvanised steel panels with a 20 mm mineral

wool insulation. Panels are removable, allowing #

flexible ventilation solutions. With quicklock access

door. The MUB casing is equipped with a grease

tray under the impeller and a protection guard at

the motor side. An isolator switch is mounted on

the casing.

All MUB-K2 three phase motors (630D4 only by

frequency controller) are D/Y connected for two

speed operation. Motor protection by thermal

contacts, to be connected to an external motor

protection device.

The MUB-K2 fans are delivered to 90° air direction airflow.

MUB with additional modules (filters, heaters etc.) are available as air handling units "K025, K042 or K062" on request!

Paramètres techniques

Données nominales
Tension nominale 400 V
Fréquence 50 Hz
Phase(s) [~] 3~
Puissance nominale à l'axe (P2) 2,2 kW
Intensité 5,8 A
Vitesse de rotation 1 420 tr/min
Débit d'air max 11 550 m³/h
Température air en mouvement max 100 °C
Données acoustiques
Niveau sonore à 3 m (20m² Sabine) 57 dB(A)
Indice de protection, moteur IP54
Classe d'isolation F
Régulations et sondes
Température ambiante max 40 °C
Dimensions et poids
Poids 73 kg
Type de moteur AC
REV-5POL/07 ON/OFF - Systemair Numéro article: 33980 REV-5POL/07 ON/OFF

Sezionatore ON/OFF

REV-9POL/12 ON/OFF - Systemair Numéro article: 33981 REV-9POL/12 ON/OFF

Sezionatore ON/OFF

RTRD 7 Auto-transformateur - Systemair Numéro article: 5943 RTRD 7 Auto-transformateur

Trasformatore trifase manuale a 5 velocità

RTRDU 7 Auto-transformateur - Systemair Numéro article: 5947 RTRDU 7 Auto-transformateur

Trasformatore trifase manuale a 5 velocità

S-DT2SKT Coupleur - Systemair Numéro article: 2697 S-DT2SKT Coupleur

Selettore a 2 velocità per ventilatore trifase a 2 velocità

UGS 062/630 Refoulement - Systemair Numéro article: 4358 UGS 062/630 Refoulement

Raccordo flessibile quadro/tondo per MUB

SDM Service Door MUB 062 comp. - Systemair Numéro article: 32573 SDM Service Door MUB 062 comp. .
FGV 062/715-356 Manchette soup - Systemair Numéro article: 4606 FGV 062/715-356 Manchette soup

Giunto flessibile quadrato