Topvex TX/C06 HWH-R-CAV-S

Item Number: 156545

• Topvex is delivered with the Access control system

• Space saving top connection

• High efficient counter-flow heat exchanger

- > 80% dry efficiency (EN 308) at nominal airflow

- No mixing of extract and supply air

- Automatic summer operating

- Cool recovering

• Section defrosting


The Topvex counter flow unit TX/C (-S


) are pre-configured units with Section defrosting

• Low energy use

- Energy efficient plug fans with EC motors

• Large inspection doors for easy maintenance


All main components are easy removable

- Separate electrical cabinet facilitates commissioning and service

• Manufactured in Aluzinc plated sheet metal (AZ185)

- Corrosive class C4 (Industrial and coastal areas with moderate salinity)

- AZ185 sheet metal has more than 50 years of technical lifetime

• Factory tested

Topvex TX/C is designed for meeting the coming energy demands with high heat recovery efficiency and low energy use. To guarantee the high heat recovery efficiency the exchanger is designed for low air speed and by that also a low pressure drop. The supply and extract air filter are designed to have a low pressure drop, without compromising with the filtration efficiency. A low internal pressure drop is essential to keep the energy use down Topvex TX/C features Plug fans with EC technology to ensure high efficiency. The EC-motors has when speed-controlled, 15-20% lower energy consumption compared to a standard frequency controlled asynchrony motor.

100% By-pass of heat exchanger secures lowest possible internal pressure drop during the warm season.

A damper isolates the exchanger during the warm period ensures that there is no undesirable heat recovering.

Constant air volume control is standard and Variable air volume control is available as an accessory.

The Topvex counter flow unit TX/C with item name ending -S are pre-configured units with Section defrosting.

The Section defrosting consist of a pre-wired sectioned damper that divides the heat exchanger in three areas plus the by-pass section. All sections are controlled by individual motors for each section and are connected to a separate, pre-programmed control unit.

Section defrosting will prevent severe ice built up in the heat exchanger and allow defrosting of the heat exchanger, while still providing heat recovery through the defrosting sequence.

When activated by pressure detecting, the damper sections will be cyclic operated. Each section will operate in sequence and compensate low temperature in the exhaust air, by modulating the by-pass and section damper.

Topvex is delivered with the new Access control system. The system includes NaviPad control panel, featuring an easy-to-use intuitive HTML5 user interface.

The protection class of the NaviPad control panel is IP54 and 0-50 C° permitted temperature. The enclosure is not UV resistant and the NaviPad is not for outdoor mounting. Communication between the panel and the controller in the cabinet is possible with up to 100 meters of cable.

The NaviPad is connected via 3 meters flat cable. It is mounted on the Topvex unit or on the wall, easy to detach for handheld use.

Relevant operating data and settings are available in real time and can be changed with a few clicks.

Access control has built-in energy saving features like free cooling, cooling recovery, season related temperatures and airflow control.

Possibility to edit names for the unit, the alarms and control components gives the user options to adapt to different installations needs.

With the system overview dashboard it is possible to monitor several air handling units within a local network.

Standard communication possibilities are: Modbus RTU via RS-485 & TCP/IP & BACnet via IP.

Ordering code.

- Model: TX/C03, TX/C04 and TX/C06.

- Heating coil:




(Hot water coil-low power).


(Hot water coil-high power).


(No heater).

- Right or Left model: R



(Left). The side where the supply air is located when viewed from the access side.

- Airflow control: CAV

(Constant air volume).


Airflow control (accessory):


(Variable air volume = constant duct pressure control).

-Section defrosting:


(Section defrosting).


Section defrosting is available for all Topvex TX/C. Units with item name ending -S are Section defrosting configured.

I.e. Topvex TX/C03 EL-L-CAV-S.

Tehnički parametri

Dimenzije i težine
Masa 408 kg


Images Performance - Topvex TX/C06 HWH-R-CAV-S - Systemair


Images Performance - Topvex TX/C06 HWH-R-CAV-S - Systemair
1 Outdoor air


Supply air


Extract air


Exhaust air

Images Dimensions - Topvex TX/C06 HWH-R-CAV-S - Systemair

Topvex TX/C06














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BFT TX/C06 Filter Coarse 50% - Systemair Item Number: 209932 BFT TX/C06 Filter Coarse 50%

780x560x350/9 G3

BFT TX/C06 Filter ePM1 60% - Systemair Item Number: 209930 BFT TX/C06 Filter ePM1 60%

780x560x350/14 F7

BFT TX/C06 Filter ePM10 60% - Systemair Item Number: 209931 BFT TX/C06 Filter ePM10 60%

780x560x350/9 M5

CORRIGO E3-DSP - Systemair Item Number: 208997 CORRIGO E3-DSP

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on wall

KRM-1 duct smoke detect 230V - Systemair Item Number: 35937 KRM-1 duct smoke detect 230V

stand alone, AC230V

LDR-B 60-30 PRIGUć. S JEDROM - Systemair Item Number: 9240 LDR-B 60-30 PRIGUć. S JEDROM .
NaviPad extension cable 10m - Systemair Item Number: 316350 NaviPad extension cable 10m

CAT5e network cable RJ45

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Pump 230V, Actuator 24V/0-10V, kvs 0.12-4.4

sifon za vodu - Systemair Item Number: 206263 sifon za vodu

Ø32 mm

TG-KH/PT1000 KANAL.SEN. S KUć. - Systemair Item Number: 202705 TG-KH/PT1000 KANAL.SEN. S KUć.

temperature range: -30° - +70°C

UG3-A4O Smoke detector - Systemair Item Number: 15043 UG3-A4O Smoke detector

Smoke detector

ZTR 15-1,0 3-SMJERNI VENTIL - Systemair Item Number: 9672 ZTR 15-1,0 3-SMJERNI VENTIL

DN 15 Kvs 1,0

ZTV 15-0,6 2-way valve - Systemair Item Number: 6571 ZTV 15-0,6 2-way valve

DN 15 Kvs 0,6