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K09 OG LN.2 Pipes..SYSTEMAIR..3W.I360

Item Number: 370566

The new low noise chilled water cassettes 9 LN to 18 LN offer a

comfortable air conditioning with improved acoustic performance.

Their design and their small dimensions allow them to fit harmoniously

into the standard ceiling tiles of 600 x 600 mm size.

These new cassettes have been specially designed for an easy and

fast installation, as well as for a great ease of maintenance with a

complete access to internal components through the return air grille.

The chilled water cassettes are available in 3 sizes (9 LN, 12 LN & 18

LN) and in 3 versions (2-pipe, 2-pipe/2-wire and 4-pipe).

Tehnički parametri

Rashladni kapacitet 2,25 kW
Kapacitet grijanja 3,1 kW
Potrošnja energije u grijanju 0,05 kW
Opći podaci
Frekvencija 50 Hz
Faza (e) 1~
Napon (nominalni) 230 V
Podaci o zvuku
Razina zvučnog tlaka na 1 m unutarnja jedinice 42 dB(A)
Dimenzije i težine
Masa 26 kg