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Item Number: 369098

Ceiling concealed units without cabinet ,HN type

HN ceiling chassis units are designed for concealed or recessed ceiling installations. This unit consists of the HC basic unit horizontally installed.

HN units contain all the features of the HC ceiling exposed units except that only the chassis casing is supplied instead of the decorative style cabinet.

Possibility of supplying separately an optional Aqu@Net type remote control for wall mounting.Other optional control sand valve kits are also available.

Tehnički parametri

Rashladni kapacitet 4,98 kW
Kapacitet grijanja 4,53 kW
Potrošnja energije u grijanju 0,11 kW
Opći podaci
Frekvencija 50 Hz
Faza (e) 1~
Napon (nominalni) 230 V
Podaci o zvuku
Razina zvučnog tlaka na 1 m unutarnja jedinice 42 dB(A)
Dimenzije i težine
Masa 0 kg
Images Dimensions - X-SC60.HN.4P.L.G2.+ - Systemair