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Légkezelő berendezések - Systemair

Systemair offers a wide range of air handling units from flexible modular solutions for large building systems to small compact single units. Energy optimising alternatives like counter flow exchanger, cross-flow exchanger and run-around coil exchangers are available. Some units can be equipped with advanced functions like heat-pump or humidifier. Additional control systems are also available.

Légkezelő berendezések

Kompakt légkezelők - Systemair

Kompakt légkezelők

The Compact air handling units are designed and optimized with attention to installation. Having small footprint and integrated components such as fan, heat exchanger, filter and controls in a single casing makes the product group an excellent choice in many installations from minor premises to schools, multi-occupancy buildings and offices.

The product group includes five (5) types and a large model program, all in a wide range of configurations.