Serrande tagliafuoco

Serrande tagliafuoco - Systemair


Fire dampers are designed as a safety shut off devices with the ability to withstand high temperatures during fire. They are fitted with mechanical or electronic safety temperature fuse and spring-return mechanism that closes the damper blade when the air temperatures reaches the activation temperature.

Mechanical, Electromechanical and Actuator driven fire dampers can function as standalone units or in combination with other fire dampers to create Safe-Zones based on building design. Controllers and Communication units can be added as optional accessory to allow communication and maintenance testing of the products remotely for the actuator driven fire dampers.



Serrande tagliafuoco

Serrande tagliafuoco circolari - Systemair

Serrande tagliafuoco circolari

Circular Fire Dampers come in different activation and/or communication types, several EIS performance ratings.


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Accessori antincendio

Miscelaneous Fire Dampers Accessories that extend our product range and provide a faster project implementation.