PA3510WLL Air curtain

Prekės Numeris: 18580

Stylish air curtain for commercial premises, with intelligent control

• Horizontal and vertical mounting
• Recommended installation height 3,5 m*
• Recommended installation width 5 m* (2 units, one on each side)
• Lengths: 1, 1,5, 2 and 2,5 m

PA3500 has a modern and stylish design developed to fit all entrances. The air curtain is available for horizontal, vertical and recessed installation.

*) Recommended installation height and width varies depending on the relevant premises.

Techniniai parametrai

Montavimo tipas Horizontalus; Vertikalus
Maks. montavimo aukštis 3 500 mm
Nominalūs duomenys
Šildymo tipas Vanduo
Spalvotas korpusas Srautas baltas
Korpuso spalva, NCS NCS S 0500-N
Korpuso spalva, RAL RAL 9016
Spalva, išleidimo grotelės Telegrey 2
Išleidimo grotelių spalva, RAL RAL 7046
Apsaugos klasė IP21
Aplinkos darbinė temperatūra (sausos sąlygos) -20 į 30 °C
Išmatavimai ir svoriai
Ilgis 1 039 mm
Aukštis 306 mm
Matavimai, WxHxD 525 mm
Svoris 47 kg
Oro srautas
Oro srautas 1 850; 1 700; 1 400; 1 200; 900 m³/h
Garso duomenys
Garso lygis 60; 58; 54; 50; 43 dB(A)
Garso galia LWA 75 dB(A)
Variklio / kontrolės įtampa
Valdymo / variklio įtampa 230 V
Faziu skaicius, variklio 1~
Valdymo / variklio srovė, 50Hz 2 A
El. galia (P1), variklio 50Hz 460 W
Valdymo / variklio srovė, 60 Hz 2,7 A
El. galia (P1), variklio 60Hz 630 W
Vandens duomenys
Vandeninis šildymas pilna galia prie 40/30 °C, oro + 18 ° C 7,6 kW
40/30°C vandens slėgio kritimas, oras +18°C 6,9 kPa
Vandens temperatūra maks 110 °C
Maks. darbinis slėgis 1,6 MPa
Vandens garsas ritėje 2 L
Vandens pajungimo atvamzdžiai DN20

Stylish air curtain for commercial premises, with intelligent control

• Horizontal mounting

- Installation height up to 3,5 metres*

• Vertical mounting

- Installation width up to 5 metres*

(2 units), one on each side


Air curtain PA3500 gives more possibilities than ever before, packed into the same product. There are therefore many areas of use. PA3500 is particularly suitable for entrances to stores and shopping centres for example.

The air curtain has many intelligent and energy saving features which provide fully automatic protection for the entrance, adaptable to each area of use.


Through its timeless design and its many accessories, it's easy to get PA3500 to blend well into the premises. Front and service hatch can be finished in any colour to perfectly match the environment. The air curtain is available for horizontal, vertical and recessed installation.

*) Recommended installation height and width varies depending on the relevant premises.

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