EC Thermo Roof fans

EC Thermo Roof fans - Systemair

EC Thermo roof fans combine the latest EC motor technology with the possibility of transporting air up to 120°C. These roof fans can handle most of the tasks in kitchen and industrial exhaust air applications.

Air volume from 880l/s – 3590l/s (3180m³/h – 12920m³/h)


EC Thermo Roof fans

DVN EC - Systemair


Jumta ventilatori: 1980-31500 m3/h, skrejrats ar atpakaļliektām lāpstiņām, 1 un 3 fāzes

DVNI EC - Systemair



Casing manufactured from sea water resistant aluminium.

Base frame with integrated inlet cone, manufactured from galvanised sheet. Includes integrated bird guard manufactured from powder coated, galvanised steel.

DVNI with 50 mm acoustic and thermal mineral wool insulation.


Energy-saving, highly efficient EC motors.

Impeller geometry

Optimised and highly efficient backward curved high density impellers manufactured from aluminium for optimum efficiency.

Output control

100 % controllable via a 0-10 V signal. The fans are equipped with a potentiometer (0-10 V). This is installed in the terminal box. The speed can be easily adjusted should the installation require a different operation point.

Motor protection

The motor protection is integrated in the motor electronics.