Termo centrbēdzes ventilatori

Termo centrbēdzes ventilatori - Systemair

AxZent fans from Systemair combine the strength of axial and radial fans. A round casing with eurovent 1/2 flanges combined with straight air direction from the axial and motor separated from the air stream with efficient impellers from the radial. These fans have a low need of maintenance although they can handle air up 120°C.


Air flow 550 - 2500 l/s (1980 - 9000m³/h).

Termo centrbēdzes ventilatori

AXZENT - Systemair


Housing made from galvanized steel. Flanges according to Eurovent 1/2 deliver additional stability. The optimzed centrifugal impeller ensures maximum efficiency. Depending on version delivered with voltage controleld IEC standard motors or VSD controllabe IE2 and IE3 motors.