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X-Topvex SX06 EL-R AHU-C

Lietas numurs: 25975

Low energy use

 - Energy efficient plug fans with EC motors 

Plug and play

 - Integrated control system

 - Pre-configured

Easy to operate

 - Menu based controller

Factory tested

Ready for demand controlling

Step-less and individual fan speed settings

Easy maintenance

Manufactured in Aluzinc

Topvex SX is an air handling unit with a modern design intended for ventilating offices, day-care centres or used as zone ventilation in larger buildings e.g. schools.

Topvex SX is equipped with EC fan motors. EC-motors consume an average of 30 % less energy than standard alternating current motors. In some applications, the saving can be 50 % or more.

Topvex SX with its crossflow heat exchanger is normally used where it is a requirement that the supply and exhaust air must be kept separated. The unit has an efficient de-icing function.

Ice accretion of the heat exchanger is depending on the outdoor temperature and the humidity in the extract air. The humidity in the extract air is varying a lot depending on what activities it is in the building e.g. an industry premises is normally producing much less humidity than a day-care centre. Therefore has the de-icing function been made settable so that it can be optimized to different applications.

The housing is made of insulated panels and has bevelled cast aluminium corners to avoid sharp edges. Doors and panels are made of double-skinned 0.9mm aluzink with 50mm of internal mineral insulation. Main components are removable with quick release connections for the electrical cables and the large inspection doors facilitate inspection and servicing.

Topvex SX is delivered complete with control system, supply and extract filter, cross flow heat exchanger, by-pass damper and Electrical or Hot water heater.

Topvex SX is as standard equipped with the following communication possibilities: Exoline and Modbus via RS-485, a built-in WEB server via TCP/IP and BACnet/IP.

The unit is ready configured and therefore very easy to set up, set the Time and date, desired air temperature, fan speed (0-100%), weekly operating time and the unit is up-and-running.

The units have energy saving functions like:

- Cool recovering to recover the chilliness in the extract air, when using an

external cooling unit.

- Demand controlled airflow by using a digital CO2/ humidity sensor or a movement


- Sum alarm output

Tehniskie parametri

Frekvence 50 Hz
Spriegums (nominālais) 400 V
Fāze 3N~
Drošinātājs 3x32 A
Aizsardzibas klase IP23
Ātruma regulēšana Stepless
Pieplūdes ventilators
Jauda(P1), pieplūdes ventilators 1 052 W
Pieplūdes gaisa filtrs
Filtra klase, pieplūdes gaisam F7
Nosūces ventilatora filtrs
Filtra klase, nosūces gaiss F5
Siltummaina tips Cross flow
Apsildes tips Electric
Elektriskā sildītāja jauda 14 kW
Atgrieztā gaisa ventilators/Nosūces ventilators
Jauda nosūces ventilatoram 1 052 W
Šasijas izmers 06
Uzstādīšanas vieta Horizontal
Pieplūdes puse Right
Izmēri un svars
Svars 272 kg
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