CB 400-12,0 400V/3

Elektrische kanaalverwarming

Itemnummer: 5393

Electrical duct heater

Duct heater with spigot connection for standard spiral ducts. Manufactured from Aluzinc-coated sheet steel with a heating element in stainless steel. The heater has integral overheating protection with a manual reset function. The CB heater has rubber seals on the connecting spigots. Suitable for control by room thermostat or Pulser. The minimum air volume is based on a minimum air velocity of 1.5 m/s. These duct heaters are designed for a maximum output air temperature of 50°C. The CB can be installed in a horizontal or vertical duct. In a horizontal duct, the connection box should be installed facing upwards, or rotated 90° to one side. Installation with the connection box facing downwards is not allowed.

Technische parameters

Nominale gegevens
Spanning (nominaal) 400 V
Fase(s) 3~
Ingangsvermogen 12.000 W
Ingangsstroom 17,3 A
Luchtstroom min. 700 m³/h
Regelaar en sensoren
Toegestane omgevingstemperatuur max 30 °C
Afmetingen en gewichten
Kanaalafmeting; Rond, aanvoer 400 mm
Kanaalafmeting; Circulair, afblaas 400 mm
Gewicht 8,5 kg
Kanaalkoeler/verwarmer Elektrische verwarming
Type kanaalverbinding Rond
A = Verwarmingselementen



Oververhittingsbeveiliging met automatische reset



Oververhittingsbeveiliging met handmatige reset






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