PCA 1000D2 Pressure controller

Itemnummer: 76739

Demand controller for pressure and constant flow ventilation

• Demand controller for EC-fans or e.g., a frequency inverter.
• Possible control modes

            -Variable air volume (VAV)

            -Constant air volume (CAV)

• User friendly menu, easy setup
• Supply voltage directly from the fan. No additional supply voltage is necessary.


Technical specification

• Controlled output signal: 0-10 V (Imax = 0.3mA)
• Voltage supply with polarity reversal protection: 10-24 V DC(Imax = 6 mA)
• Adjustable measuring range 0-1000Pa
• Pressure ports + / -: for ∅ 5mm hose adapters ∅ 6 mm
• Enclosure class IP54

The sensor control module for differential pressure and volume flow measures and indicates the pressure or, optionally, the volume flow in a ventilation system. The calculation of the volume flow is performed by entering the K-factor of the application.

Depending on the desired setpoint value and control range, the sensor control module generates 0-10 V to control the EC fan or e.g., a frequency inverter.

The sensor control module is supplied by the fan or frequency inverter which it controls, e.g., with 10-24 V DC.

Technische parameters

Dichtheidsklasse IP54
Afmetingen en gewichten
Diepte 56 mm
Hoogte 137 mm
Breedte 106 mm
Gewicht 0,23 kg