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X- DVV 800D6-K/F400 + WS IE2

Dakventilator WRA 400°C/2h

Itemnummer: 95190


Technische parameters

Nominale gegevens
Spanning (nominaal) 400 V
Frequentie 50 Hz
Fase(s) 3~
Aansluiting motorcircuit Y
Ingangsvermogen 3.680 W
Startstroom 25,3 A
Ingangsstroom 5,5 A
Waaiersnelheid 935 toeren per minuut
Luchtstroom max 18.000 m³/h
Max. temp. van getransporteerde lucht gedurende 120 min 400 °C
Temperatuur van getransporteerde lucht max 120 °C
Geluidsdrukniveau op 10 m (Vrije veld) 60 dB(A)
Geluidsdrukniveau op 4m (vrije veld) 66 dB(A)
Dichtheidsklasse, motor IP54
Isolatieklasse F
Afmetingen en gewichten
Kanaalafmeting; Rond, aanvoer 630 mm
Kanaalafmeting; Circulair, afblaas 630 mm
Gewicht 189 kg
Type kanaalverbinding Rond
Motortype AC

The smoke and heat exhaust roof fan 400 degree/120 min, vertical blowing. The DVV radial fans are intended for the extraction of hot flue gases in the case of fire as well as for the normal daily ventilation. They are suitable for installation on roofs on heated buildings - snow load class SL 0.

The base plate and the inlet cone are made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. The outer octagonal casing from seawater-resistant aluminium (DVV 1000D4-M and P from aluzinc steel sheet). Bird protection grill inside casing. The air stream is carried out through annular space between the casing and the motor housing. The fan has an electroplated backward curved radial impeller made of steel sheet, single inlet. With hub and secured bolted joint directly assembled on the motor shaft. Dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 T1 quality class G6,3. 

Driven by an IE2 high efficiency motor, single-speed, PTC thermal protection serial built-in. Cooling of the motor with ambient air through an isolated air duct in underpressure system. The motor protection is provided by customers. Connection the fan to the mains in service switch outside on the cooling duct. For speed control use only combination of frequency inverter and appropriate filter to motor side (sine or du/dt), observing installation conditions (e.g. cable type, lenght). In case of fire eventual frequency inverter and all motor protective devices must be bridged to guarantee functional capability (connection direct to mains). At frequency controlled units additional EMC protection could be needed (on request).

Flange connection according to DIN 24154R3. The DIBT- approval number: Z-78.11-167. Tested according to EN 12101-3 at the TU Munich. CE-Certification according to EN 12101-3:2002-06, by TÜV SÜD. An additional sound attenuator HSDV is available on enquiry (the marking of fan is DVVI). With FSL accessories snow load class SL 1000 can be achieved (for DVVI on request only).

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