RB 60-35/45-3 400V/3 Duct heat

Número de encomenda: 9644

Duct heater for rectangular ducts. Manufactured from Aluzinc-coated sheet steel with a heating element in stainless steel. The heater has integral overheating protection with a manual reset function. Suitable for control by room thermostat or TTC. The minimum air volume is based on a minimum air velocity of 1.5 m/s. These duct heaters are designed for a maximum output air temperature of 40°C.

Parametros técnicos

Dados Nominais
Tensão (nominal) 400 V
Fase(s) 3~
Potência absorvida 45 000 W
Intensidade absorvida 65 A
Caudal min. 1 000 m³/h
Controlador e sensores
Gama admissivel de temperatura máx 40 °C
Dimensões e pesos
rectangular, altura, entrada 350 x 600 mm
Rectangular, largura, entrada 350 x 600 mm
Rectangular, altura, saída 350 x 600 mm
Rectangular, largura, saída 350 x 600 mm
Peso 27,7 kg
Aquecedor / arrefecedor de conduta Radiador Elétrico
Tipo de ligação de conduta Retangular
Images Wiring - RB 60-35/45-3 400V/3 Duct heat - Systemair



Overheating protection, automatic (60°C)



Overheating protection, manual (120°C)

Images Dimensions - RB 60-35/45-3 400V/3 Duct heat - Systemair




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