392-10/B Slimline Int.600White

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The Slimline is a modern integrated cooker hood. It has LED lighting and glass in the extendable part that contributes to good working area at the stove. In inserted position, only the white painted front is visible and may optionally be replaced with a facing strip in stainless steel or aluminium (accessory). It´s construction and design allows for good odor extraction >75% at 165 m



It comes with an adjustable ON/OFF damper and a replacement damper that can be used for basic ventilation (be aware that there is no energy recovery from the cooker hood). The Control panel for control of dampers and lighting is recessed in the withdrawable part's upper side.

The Cooker hood is electrical connected to the SAVE / B unit digitally (DO) and duct wise to the 5: th connection. By opening the damper a signal is sent simultaneously to the unit for increased ventilation capacity.

The grease filter in aluminum can be removed with simple operation for cleaning in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.

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