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AXC 450-10-2 (B) (3,0kW)

Medium pressure axial fan 300°C/2h

Item Number: CAXB4502004

Smoke extract axial fan AXC(B):

⁻ Certified according to EN 12101-3 for 300°C/120 min.

⁻ CE mark of conformity.

⁻ Suitable for use inside or outside the fire zone. Temperature of medium for continuous operation from -20°C up to 55°C. Air direction from motor to impeller.


⁻ The adjustable blade angle allows flexible and exact adjustment to the desired working point with optimum efficiency.

⁻ Impellers with profiled blades made of cast aluminum alloy.

⁻ Dynamically balanced according to ISO 21940-11 and ISO 14694, balancing quality G6,3.


⁻ Manufactured from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel according to ISO 1461.

⁻ Pre-drilled, rolled Eurovent 1/2 flanges pressed on both sides provide additional stability.

⁻ Pre-wired terminal box on fan casing for easy electrical connection, IP65 (IEC 60034-5).

⁻ PV version: Includes bolt-on outlet guide vanes which increases fan pressure and efficiency.


⁻ Motor suitable for 300°C/120min or 55°C continuous operation.

⁻ High efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor, directly in the air stream.

⁻ Protection class IP55 (IEC 60034-5), insulation class H.

⁻ The motors can be equipped with PTC thermistors for motor protection (on request).

⁻ Single and two-speed motors are available.

⁻ Speed controllable via frequency converter, suitable for turn down to 10Hz.

The AXC(B) axial fans have been tested in Systemair’s AMCA certified Laboratory according to ISO 5801 and AMCA 210.

Tehnični parametri

Nazivni podatki
Napetost (nominalna) 400 V
Frekvenca 50 Hz
Faza 3~
Maks. tok 5,86 A
Vrtljaji vetrnice 2.891 r.p.m.
Maks. temp. transportiranega zraka - 120min 300 °C
Temp. transportiranega zraka maks 55 °C
Zaščita / klasifikacija
Zaščitni razred, motor IP55
Izolacijski razred F
Krmilnik in tipala
Dovoljena temperatura zraka v prostoru maks 55 °C
Maks. močnostna obremenitev 3.000 W
Dimenzije in teža
Teža 57 kg
Tip motorja AC
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