PA3510A zračna zavesa

Ambient, no heat, L= 1m

Item Number: 9909

Stylish air curtain for commercial premises, with intelligent control

• Horizontal and vertical mounting
• Recommended installation height 3,5 m*
• Recommended installation width 5 m* (2 units, one on each side)
• Lengths: 1, 1,5, 2 and 2,5 m

PA3500 has a modern and stylish design developed to fit all entrances. The air curtain is available for horizontal, vertical and recessed installation.

*) Recommended installation height and width varies depending on the relevant premises.

Tehnični parametri

Tip vgradnje Horizontalna; Vertikalna
Maks. vgradna višina 3.500 mm
Nominalni podati
Tip ogrevanja Brez
Barva ohišja Prometno bela
Barva ohišja, RAL RAL 9016
Barva, izstopne rešetke Telegrey 2
Barva Izstopne rešetke, RAL RAL 7046
Razred zaščite IP21
Delovna prostorska temperatura (suhi pogoji) -20 do 30 °C
Dimenzije in teža
Dolžina 1.039 mm
Višina 270 mm
Globina 525 mm
Teža 36 kg
Zračni pretok
Zračni pretok 2.000; 1.700; 1.400; 1.000; 900 m³/h
Podatki o zvoku
Zvočni nivo 61; 57; 52; 47; 41 dB(A)
Zvočna moč LWA 78 dB(A)
Motorni/krmilni dovod
Regulacija/dovodnega motorja 230 V
Faza, Motor 1~
Regulacija/tok motorja, 50Hz 2,6 A
Priključna moč (P1), motorja 50Hz 580 W
Regulacija/tok motorja, 60Hz 2,8 A
Priključna moč (P1), motor 60Hz 640 W

Thermozone Air Curtain - PA3500A & PA4200A

Innovative new generation type of air curtains, designed for either horizontal or vertical mounting with air circulation in neutral, compact design with integrated and intelligent control system SIRe


The self-supporting compact unit construction is made of galvanized sheet steel. The housing and galvanized sheet metal are Zink plated (Z275) with a thickness of 35 um. Visible surfaces with high-quality plastic powder coated (polyester powder coating, 60 um) in a subtle gray and white combination of both RAL9016 and RAL7046. A dominant and timeless design, hinged front and front access panel, high-grade aluminum allows integrating technical detail for each input. With M8 nuts, the air curtain is simple and easy to mount on the wall or ceiling. Matching design panels for cable connections are available as accessories for every type of installation. For vertical installations of either single or several air curtains, vertical installation accessories are available for each specific needs and requirement.


Vibration-free individually driven, double inlet five -stage variable high performance centrifugal fans with external rotor motor for extremely quiet operation, IP 44, with accessible motor protection and thermal contacts with class F insulation and ensure low noise operation. The newly developed sound-absorbing lined air outlet pressure chamber provides the internal air flow for reduced emissions of the engine noise and the formation of a highly effective flow profile.

Inlet grille

Integrated and located on top of the unit, not visible from below for hiding dust; guarantees a quiet slipstream.

Outlet grille

The streamlined grey powder coated outlet nozzle rod profiles, are lockable between 0 ° and 30 ° (in and out) and creates and provides a guided, aerodynamic air flow and high shielding effectiveness; Thermozone Technology.

Electrical connection

The main control connection is mounted and located on the top of the device and easily accessible to its integrated control system and designed are according to ISO 9001:2000.

Control system

The provided control system should be an intelligent and adaptive control system, allowing and operating the installed air curtain with five different fan speed for being energy efficient as possible yet providing the best and most efficient air curtain effect. Including the control system, a calendar program can easily be set and adjusted according to each specific needs for the air curtain of operating without any manual handling. The air curtain can together with included and installed control system be also connected to either 0-10V or Modbus BMS system.


The air curtain must comply to EN and ISO standards valid for air curtains and tested and approved according ISO standards (ISO 27327-1), EN standards (EN 308; EN 12238; EN 60335) and AMCA standards (AMCA 210; AMCA 220-5; AMCA 300).

PA34CB15 strop.konzole - Systemair Item Number: 18059 PA34CB15 strop.konzole

4 pcs, for 1-1.5m unit

PA34TR15 navojne palice - Systemair Item Number: 18056 PA34TR15 navojne palice

4 pcs, L=1m, for 1-1.5m unit

PA34VD15 avm - Systemair Item Number: 18065 PA34VD15 avm

4 pcs, for 1-1.5m unit

PA34WB15 sten.konzole - Systemair Item Number: 18044 PA34WB15 sten.konzole

2 pcs 400mm, for 1-1.5m air curtain unit

PA34WS15 obešalo - Systemair Item Number: 18062 PA34WS15 obešalo

4 pcs, L=3m, for 1-1.5m unit

PA3DCM Design kit - Systemair Item Number: 13553 PA3DCM Design kit

L=300-500 mm, for PAxx3500

PA3DW10 pokriv.kit stenska - Systemair Item Number: 110834 PA3DW10 pokriv.kit stenska

For PAxx3510 Horizontal

PA3JK Vertikal kit/spoj.kit - Systemair Item Number: 110759 PA3JK Vertikal kit/spoj.kit

For PAxx3500

PA3XT10 kanal - Systemair Item Number: 19085 PA3XT10 kanal

L=130-200mm telescope, for PAxx3510

SIREAAY Advanced kit - Systemair Item Number: 33490 SIREAAY Advanced kit

Control system for air curtains West

SIREAAZ Advanced kit - Systemair Item Number: 33491 SIREAAZ Advanced kit

Control system for air curtains East

SIREACY Competent kit - Systemair Item Number: 33488 SIREACY Competent kit

Control system for air curtains West

SIREACZ Competent kit - Systemair Item Number: 33489 SIREACZ Competent kit

Control system for air curtains East

SIREBN Basic kit - Systemair Item Number: 33481 SIREBN Basic kit

Control system SIRe Basic

SIRECC603 3m kabel - Systemair Item Number: 17542 SIRECC603 3m kabel

RJ12 connection cable for PC board

SIRECC605 5m kabel - Systemair Item Number: 17543 SIRECC605 5m kabel

RJ12 connection cable for PC board

SIRECC610 10m kabel - Systemair Item Number: 17544 SIRECC610 10m kabel

RJ12 (6p/6c) 10m, for PC board

SIRECC615 15m kabel - Systemair Item Number: 17545 SIRECC615 15m kabel

RJ12 (6p/6c) 15m, for PC board

SIRECC640 40m RJ12 on. cable - Systemair Item Number: 17773 SIRECC640 40m RJ12 on. cable

RJ12 (6p/6c) 40m, for PC board