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Pisarne, trgovine in javni objekti - Systemair

Radiant heaters offer many advantages for applications where silent, discreet and efficient heating is required. They give a safe, hygienic and pleasant heat. Mounting on the ceiling or recessed in a false ceiling leaves the walls free and gives a discreet heating. Ceiling mounting also protects the heaters from damage, which ensures longer life. With zone and spot heating as well as protection against cold draughts it is possible to create a comfortable indoor climate with the best economy.

Pisarne, trgovine in javni objekti

Thermoplus EC - Systemair

Thermoplus EC

Slim radiant heater for protection against cold draughts

• Recommended installation height 2 - 3 m

Thermoplus is mounted above windows and gives an efficient protection against cold draught. The slim shape also makes it suitable for heating areas with limited space, like for example bathrooms. Thermoplus can furthermore be a cost-effective and flexible alternative to floor heating.

Thermoplus is covered with white enamel which makes it discreet and schratch-resistant. The slim shape makes it practically invisible when mounted in the celing angle.

• Max. surface temperature 180°C
• Output: 300W - 900W
• Thermoplus EC: IP20, Thermoplus ECV/ECVTN: IP44

Thermocassette HP - Systemair

Thermocassette HP

Discreet radiant heat cassette for recessed or surface mounting

• Recommended installation height <3 m

Thermocassette is intended for discreet heating in offices, bathrooms, schools etc. Designed for either surface or recessed mounting it is well suited for total heating as well as for spot heating of for example a reception desk. Mounted in a false ceiling it is well protected against damage.

• Max. surface temperature 100°C
• Output: 300W - 600W
• IP55

Elztrip EZ100 - Systemair

Elztrip EZ100

Single panel radiant heater for offices, shops etc.

• Recommended installation height 2,5 - 4 m

EZ100 is intended for total and supplementary heating as well as protection against cold draughts from windows in environments such as offices, shops, restaurants etc.

EZ100 is a single panel radiant heater with clean and simple design that blends well with electrical fittings.

• Max. surface temperature 320°C
• Output: 600W - 1500W
• IP44