This product is discontinued

VR 400 EV/B /3

Item Number: 12461

User friendly controlling by the integrated and/or separate control panel

High efficiency rotating heat recovery unit

Changes automatically to summer operation

Flexible installation and no need for condensate drain

Automatic bypass-function when using a cooker hood.

Cool recovering

EU7 fine filter for supply-air

Demand control

VR-400 EV/B is suitable for ventilation of homes and offices. It is painted white and designed for wall installation in a utility room or similar. The unit is delivered with complete control functions, centrifugal fans for supply and extract air, rotating heat exhanger and filter.

A cooker hood can be connected to the unit via a separate connection on top of the unit. The air from the cooker hood is then led thru the unit in a separate “bypass-duct” directly to the exhaust fan and not thru the heat exchanger.

The unit automatically alternates between normal operation with heat recovery and summer operation without. This solution will also automatically recover chilled indoor air.

The CE control panel is easy to operate, with buttons for choice of air flow and supply air temperature. Lamp indicators show chosen settings, electrical heater battery in operation and if filter change is needed. Alarm menu will also show possible operation malfunctions. A separate timer can be connected for programming day and night operation. A CO2 or presence sensor (potential free contact) can be connected for demand control.

Electrical connection:

Connection to mains supply via ca. 1 m cable with earthed plug.

2 leads for potential free signal from cooker hood (if installed).

4 leads (12V) for signal from remote control panel (if installed). Connection via external plug on unit, alternatively to terminal block in the junction box. Separate twin plugs to be used for regulation from two or more remote control panels.

2 leads for signal from week timer (if installed)

Tehnični parametri

Napetost (nominalna) 230 V
Frekvenca 50 Hz
Faza 1~
Priporočljiva varovalka 10 A
Razred zaščite IP24
Tip izmenjevalca Rotacijski
Priključna moč, grelnik 1,67 kW
Dovodni zrak
Priključna moč, dovodni ventilator 138 W
Odvodni zrak
Priključna moč, odvodni ventilator 138 W
Filtracijsk razred, dovodni zrak EU7
Filtracijski razred, odvodni zrak EU3
Dimenzije in teža
Teža 62 kg
Uporabjeno za
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