Diffusers - Systemair

Air diffusers


Square ceiling diffusers - Systemair

Square ceiling diffusers

Diffusers with single purpose functionality

Nozzle diffusers - Systemair

Nozzle diffusers

Duffusers with multiple indiidually adjustable nozzles

Round ceiling diffusers - Systemair

Round ceiling diffusers

Diffusers for installation in residential premisses

Perforated diffusers - Systemair

Perforated diffusers

Adjustable terminal devices for supply and extract

Swirl diffusers - Systemair

Swirl diffusers

Diffusers with swirling radial discharge pattern

High induction diffusers - Systemair

High induction diffusers

Induction diffusers for installation in large elevation

Transfer Diffusers - Systemair

Transfer Diffusers

Noise attenuating units for air transfer through walls.

Jet diffusers - Systemair

Jet diffusers

Single nozzle, large throw length diffusers

Floor and Staircase Diffusers - Systemair

Floor and Staircase Diffusers

Diffusers for installation in auditorium stair cases