Ducts - Systemair

Systemair offers different duct systems for almost every application for residential ventilation. The different ducts and components are fitting to each other.


Spiral - Systemair


Folded spiral seam ducts are built according to DIN EN 12237 and DIN EN 1506 and correspond to the tightness class D. Our spiral seam ducts meet the pressure requirements of DIN EN 12237: - 750 Pa / + 2000 Pa.

Iso plus - Systemair

Iso plus

Noise-absorbing, sturdy duct, preferably in unheated areas. Outer sheath made of polyethylene with high density (HDPE); inner sheath made of polyolefin with closed cell structure.

Thermal conductivity: 0.040 W/mk at 40° C.

Fire protection class: Outer casing B2, internal duct B1.

Flexible, plastic - Systemair

Flexible, plastic

The flexible duct system from Systemair ensures an optimal and safe air distribution in a building. Due to the hermetic joints the system is absolutely airtight. So it works economically and hygienically because no air can leak and nothing can penetrate into the duct form the outside. Due to the small diameters and the click-system it is easy and space-saving to install and flexible to adapt.

The duct is made of physiologically and toxicologically harmless PE, with no recycled materials, halogen and emission free, odour neutral.

Available sizes: DN 50, 63, 75, 90

Silencers - Systemair


The SCD silencer from Systemair is characterized by high flexibility and excellent sound insulation values. The internal duct consists of a closed, non-woven internal hose (washable) and an insulation layer made of glass wool with a thickness of 25mm and sound reducing and thermal effective properties. The outer casing is made of glass-fibre reinforced, tear-resistant aluminium laminate. The silencer (1m length) provides duct connections made of galvanized steel sheet on both sides for the connection directly to the duct system. One side is equipped with a connection sleeve and the other side with a connection fitting to guarantee connection flexibility.

Oval, Plastic - Systemair

Oval, Plastic

With its minimal installation height, OVAL+ is an air distribution system ideally suited to underfloor installation in houses and apartment blocks. Thanks to the flat air ducts and the associated components with an insulation height of 52 mm, the system can be used in all those places where round air ducts cannot. The flat duct system is therefore the ideal solution for installation in floors, suspended ceilings or walls and anywhere wherea low installation height is required.