Ribbed pipe radiator

Ribbed pipe radiator

Robust and hard wearing ribbed pipe radiator in a retro design.

Frico's ribbed pipe radiators are designed for harsh environments and are approved for wet rooms, but are also available in designs for rooms at risk of fire. The retro design has also created a new application area in modern housing.


Frico's ribbed pipe radiators have a hard wearing and robust design in dark green sheet steel. The compact format means the radiator has a small footprint, but gives a lot of heat.


• Output: 200 - 1150W


• IP44

Frost guard FML

Frost guard FML

Compact solution for frost protection

The frost guard gives off a lot of heat despite the small size and provides frost protection in for example, homes, close to water pipes, small warehouses, greenhouses and electrical cabinets.


The frost guard is available in white or stainless steel designs and is very easy to position on account of its small size.


• Output: 200 - 300 W


• IP31

Bench heater SH

Bench heater SH

Bench heater for good heating comfort in churches etc.

Bench heater SH is designed for use with church pews, waiting room benches and the like. The bench heater is installed under the seat and distributes heat in the occupied zone through convection and radiant heat.


• Output: 175 - 375 W


• IP21

Thermowarm TWT

Thermowarm TWT

Easily positioned convector in several different designs.

Thermowarm is a series of easily installed convectors designed for public buildings such as changing rooms, stores and toilets. TWTC can also be used in corrosive and aggressive environments. TWT200 has a surface temperature as low as 60 °C, which makes it ideal for daycare centres and bathrooms.


Thermowarm is easy to position and has, despite its small size, a large heat output. The three different surface finishes: white, grey covered panel covered and stainless steel, make Thermowarm suitable for most environments.


• Output: 300 - 1000W


• TWT100/200: IP44, TWT300: IP21, TWTC: IP54